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Tablename case issue

swt's profile image swt posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

Hello, as my Synology NAS died, I installed as temporary solution WAMP server on another PC. Now I stumbled into problem, that my databases (MariaDB) on WAMP are now with lowercase table names, but all my SQL scripts are with camel case table names. Problem is, that unless I convert table names in script to lowercase, code completion does not work and for example column names are not suggested. I would like to keep my scripts intact, as I prefer camelcase as more readable for me, I would like to see code completion working as case insenstitive for tables on systems, where lower_case_table_names=1 (on MySQL/MariaDB systems).

Or is there any other solution already workable, which I overlooked?

If not, please consider suggested feature, I hope it might not be too difficult (~too much work) to implement.

Best regards and thanks for nice software anyway!

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