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myway posted 9 months ago in General

unable to clear the query tab.

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myway posted 9 months ago

before you could double click to clear, and now does not work!

ansgar posted 9 months ago

That's intentionally now. See issue #231 for a discussion.

jfren484 posted 9 months ago

I have to say it's frustrating that the first query tab is different from the others. If you load a specific file first, you have no way of closing that and "resetting" the environment except for closing the whole database window and reconnecting. Coming from SQL Server Management Studio, I love a lot about HeidiSQL, but there are a couple things that it doesn't do that SSMS does. This is one of them. I would suggest following the pattern Notepad++ uses - if you close the last document window (or query tab, in this case), the application could just open a brand-new query tab for the user. That way they never have a state where there is no Query tab open (which is why you're not letting them close the last one, I'm guessing?).

ansgar posted 9 months ago

Please read the discussion in the ticket. There is a very simple way to reset that first static query tab: just press Ctrl W or rightclick > Clear.

jfren484 posted 9 months ago

I had scanned through the discussion, but hadn't read it closely enough. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely use that. I would still recommend my other suggestion as an improvement to the application, as I feel that's more intuitive and closer to what other applications do.

pmeraj posted 9 months ago

There are some things that are not so intuitive in HeidiSQL.

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