Search and replace text initial value

Tadas posted 8 months ago in General

Would be great that "Search and replace text" dialog would open with initial value equal to selection in current query tab.

ansgar posted 8 months ago

Heidi already does that, doesn't it? Just tested, look at the screeny.

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Tadas posted 8 months ago

No, it doesn't. Maybe first time, yes. But I see that it uses some other phrases, maybe it come from last searches, maybe from clipboard, I don't know. Look at the screenshot.

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ansgar posted 8 months ago

Hm, the relevant code looks like this:

if _Editor.SelAvail then
  SearchText := _Editor.SelText
  SearchText := _Editor.WordAtCursor;

You probably clicked into the grid with the one result cell before calling the find-dialog? In that case the dialog uses the underlying text in the cell.

heidiland posted 8 months ago


i am new to heidisql and have a search and replace question. I have a database with multible fields. I need to replace the following thing

img src="//mydomain/track.php?track=L2FjdGlvbi5tZXRhZmZpbGlhdGlvbi&id=93820fddd4b8bd8511f7ca9" style="width: 1px; height: 1px"

The encoded numbers always are different. The rest is always the same. Does anybody know how I can remove this from the database via heidisql?

kind regards


Tadas posted 8 months ago

Yes, maybe I clicked the cell in the grid. But then I changed cursor position, moved focus to the text editor area and made a new selection inside the text. But the program assumes that I'd prefer to search for the previous selection value. Not so obvious. Ok, I selected the cell in the grid. How can I undo this selection? If I click second time on cell, selection remains and error message "Grid editing error: Could not determine name of table" appears. I found that selection highlight can be undone by clicking in grid "out-of-margin" area. But still "Search and replace text" window remembers this grid-selection and offers as default value for search. The only way to reset this grid-selection is to execute query again and keep away from clicking in the grid area again. Maybe grid-selection is OK to propose as default value for search. But I think that text area selection should be proposed, if selection was created later in the text area.

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