Drop Down Menu: faulty behavior

H4NNE5 posted 1 month ago in General


In drop down menus, we have numerical coded information. The problem is that when I press "1" then the entry 13 instead of 1 is selected first (as in attached image). This behavior only occurs with single digit entries from 1 through 9. If I quickly enter 1 and 3 or any other combination, the desired number is selected. It also doesn't work if I enter a zero prior to the single digit number.

So I assume this is some sort of bug?

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H4NNE5 posted 1 month ago

No one?

H4NNE5 posted 3 weeks ago

I discovered, that the faulty behavior is only observed in that one drop down menu. In another table with even more members it works fine. That is pretty strange. Any ideas?

Misha v.3 posted 2 weeks ago

Column type char/varchar?

H4NNE5 posted 2 weeks ago

Hi Misha, the faulty ones (I found another one) and the others are all of type 'INT', 'unsigned' is checked with a length of '10'.

Misha v.3 posted 2 weeks ago

Looks like Heidi have some smart logic and is ordering records when you opening the dropdown (you should be able to see the command in log window). It's guessing which column should be used for ordering. For me it looks like varchar column is choosing for ordering.

I think it would be nice if a new option added to Heidi that allow to use PK for ordering rows in dropdowns. Feel free to create a feature request for this on github.

H4NNE5 posted 2 weeks ago

Hi Misha, it's not about the order. Obviously it's ordered by name but the access to the members by typing the numbers fails as described in the top post.

What is PK?

H4NNE5 posted 2 weeks ago

I just saw that it works for 4-9 but not for 1-3. That's pretty strange...

Misha v.3 posted 3 days ago

I believe it is about the order. Heidi searching for the first item on the list that match the criteria ('1'). '13' is selected as it is located before '1' on the list. Probably your data in the shape that it looks like it works for 4-9.

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