Help needed - Reset heidi sql password

Daniel_bbox posted 7 months ago in General

Hi all,

I am working with Maria db and HeidiSQL as the connection manager. I forgot my Heidi SQL password to log into the database. I already tried the way of importing the data settings and looking for the password number in "Servers\Name\Password<|||>1<|||>....". Since I exported all data before forgetting the password I have been told that there are to options:

  1. Resetting the password
  2. Deleting both Programs completely.

I did the second step, however the system is always pulling the user information from somewhere?

I am looking for a way to get back access to the system. Either resetting the password or by deleting and downloading again to create a new user. Help would be highly appreciated.

ansgar posted 7 months ago

If you install HeidiSQL again, then import your old settings and log on to the server, you should be able to reset your password in the Query tab:

SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('myNewPasswordAndIwontForgetItHonestly')

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