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brutha_analog posted 8 months ago in General

Hi all, I have mysql 8.0.11 and have HeidiSQL and WINDOWS 10. I have been able to successfully load the sakila schema into Heidi. (Honestly, I don't know how I did it.) However, I've been searching how to load the ACTUAL SAKILA data INTO the schema. I've googled, stackoverflowed, etc, but can't find the actual tool.

  1. Is it possible to add the data whilst in HeidiSQL? Because I've been looking and it seems like my version is a little off from all the solved questions.

  2. I've tried the MYSQL shell command line, and my suspicion is that the data and paths are in different locales. I DID edit the ENVIRONMENT PATH variable, BUT STILL NO GO.

Please help a brutha out.

brutha_analog posted 8 months ago

Here is what I have presently in HeidiSQL.

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ansgar posted 8 months ago

I am quite unclear of what you did, even your screenshot only shows the information_schema, which is a virtual system database, not something you have imported. So I can only guess you have imported an .sql file into another database, which is not visible on the screenshot. Collapse information_schema and you will most probably see some more databases. Importing an .sql file is done via File > Run SQL file.

brutha_analog posted 8 months ago

@angsar: here is the sakila.schema.sql loaded into HeidiSQL. I'm pretty sure I have it loaded if you look at the top of the screenshot. Per your suggestion from another thread, I WASN'T able to use root to login to HeidiSQL. I created another user, BUT, I don't know if that's preventing me from loading the data.

Any suggestions...

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brutha_analog posted 8 months ago

Here is the error I'm getting from trying to load the actual sakila data. SQL ERROR 1044, USER DENIED...BLAH BLAH BLAH. Should I just uninstall and then reinstall an older version of MySQL?


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