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Editing data through a View causes 1221 Incorrect Usage of UPDATE and LIMIT

sonicsmooth's profile image sonicsmooth posted 12 months ago in General

Using HeidiSQL on Windows 10 x64, connecting via TCP/IP to MySQL 14.14 on Linux.

I have a view which is a JOIN of two tables. When I edit data from the view, I get SQL Error (1221): Incorrect usage of UPDATE and LIMIT.

If I remove the "LIMIT 1" from the query and try again, then it works.

It seems that phpmyadmin also adds this "LIMIT 1" to the update query, since I get the same error when I go through the web interface.

How can I update data through a view without this error, using the GUI?

Incidentally, I originally had my view as an OUTER JOIN and was getting a different error that seemed more logical than the limit 1 error.


iantopanto's profile image iantopanto posted 8 months ago

I too am getting this - also with the latest version. How can we work around this issue?

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