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Restore database and overwrite data

ducpham's profile image ducpham posted 1 year ago in General


I followed the instructions at /help.php#sqlexport to export tables data to an .sql dump. Then I load that .sql file into the Query Editor, Choose F9 to run. However I get this message at the very first table where data is being dumped to:

INSERT INTOactive_sessions(id,person_id,community_id,refreshed_at,created_at,updated_at) VALUES

(_binary 0x11E86554435DF412A31A024238A584BE, 'asS0sX0lf5vq87moz3P6yg', 40017, '2018-08-10 23:10:02', '2018-06-01 04:28:41', '2018-08-10 23:10:02'),

(_binary 0x11E87F7632E9055EAB1F0242DFACAA01, 'q0aAwAwUoilEGEdqCE2LXg', 40017, '2018-08-13 08:35:45', '2018-07-04 10:37:07', '2018-08-13 08:35:45'),

(_binary 0x11E884F6256636609BA80242959CD131, 'asS0sX0lf5vq87moz3P6yg', 40017, '2018-07-27 09:10:08', '2018-07-11 10:35:35', '2018-07-27 09:10:08'),

(_binary 0x11E895319734E61AB24A024256EB258A, 'q0aAwAwUoilEGEdqCE2LXg', 40017, '2018-08-13 04:45:43', '2018-08-01 02:21:25', '2018-08-13 04:45:43');

/* SQL Error (1062): Duplicate entry '\x11\xE8eTC]\xF4\x12\xA3\x1A\x02B8\xA5\x84\xBE' for key 'PRIMARY' */

/* Affected rows: 1 Found rows: 0 Warnings: 3 Duration for 9 of 288 queries: 0.359 sec. */

Does this happen because the database currently has existing data? Do I need to empty the database of our website first before importing?


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