No Heidi-Window under wine

sebo32 posted 7 months ago in General


I try to use HeidiSQL on Ubuntu 18.04 under wine 3.18. The installation was running perfectly and without errors.

Now, when I try to startup Heidi (no difference between GUI and commandline) no window is shown. There are no messages in the console window.

The question is how to get the connection-manager-window on the screen. Right now I have a setup with a notebook and two additional screens, connected via port-replicator.

Can anybody help? Is information missing here?



ansgar posted 7 months ago

Are you sure the HeidiSQL process did not crash immediately at startup?

Under Wine, many users oversee the notice on the download page - you need to override Wine's builtin direct2d lib with the native one.

sebo32 posted 7 months ago

Hi Ansgar,

I think Heidi does not crash immediately, because the prompt is not returning until I press ctrl+c.

Nevertheless, I followed your hint with Direct2d. It worked!

Thanks for your help!

Cheers, Sebo32

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