HeidiSQL starts partially off screen

dafi posted 7 months ago in General

I normally run a three monitor setup with a 4K monitor in the middle. Sadly today the 4K monitor had to make a trip back to ist maker and I replaced it with an HD monitor. So the screen height has gone from 2160 down to 1080 pixels. Now when I start Heidi it is half off the top of monitors 1 & 2 and because the title bar is missing, I can't drag it back down.

I read a few posts where you said Heidi does a check that it is on screen, but it doesn't seem to be working.

It would be great to find a little utility that lets you reposition any currently displayed window.

dafi posted 7 months ago

Ah, just openned a second time and it fixed itself. :-)

ansgar posted 7 months ago

Oh, nice to know about that twice-open-fixer.

And yes, I added code to HeidiSQL that should ensure the main window starts fully visible, on the current monitor. But maybe this interferes with a logic that tries to move it to the previous position. Probably worth a new ticket in the tracker.

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