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Quick survey, what do you guys use HEIDI for?

ducpham's profile image ducpham posted 1 year ago in General Permalink

Hi guys,

We are a one-year-old startup and have been using HEIDI for almost that long, although I couldn't say extensively. Basically we use it to:

  1. Load the tables, make some quick changes to some values (for example if some users of our platform inputs some data that was offensive and need censoring), then save the table
  2. Periodically downloading some tables to csv files (all manually, of course), feed those into Excel and Power Query so the business team could do some analysis

I wonder if there are ways to use HEIDI? I know it is a very strong program with a large user base. If you guys could share what you are using it for, we could learn a lot from you.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 year ago Permalink

I use it, and invented it back in 2001, to get some overview of the otherwise quite abstract structure of a database. At that time Heidi was a good tool for learning. By extending HeidiSQL, I learned about MySQL and MariaDB. I also use it to create structures, and for editing data. To get a picture of my created stuff for my brain. And for having possibilities to edit and alter the once created structures, so it's not a one-way street. That's why I invented Heidi, I suppose.

ducpham's profile image ducpham posted 1 year ago Permalink

Thanks ansgar! We know Heidi could be used to make powerful changes such as database migration and mass editing, but we are just too inexperienced to try. Will browse the forums a lot more to learn about its powerful features.

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