After upgrading to 5318 HeidiSQL crashes

nickles posted 5 months ago in General

After upgrading to, installing msoledbsql_18.1.0.0_x64.msi (w/o it there's no connection to SQL Server anymore), and connecting to two distinct SQL Server databases, HeidiSQL 5318 to 5321 crash where 5317 used to work just fine. The error is reproducible and happens afer I select a table, then the "Data" tab, or after I execute a query from the "Query" tab.

Attached you'll find a screen shot and a bugreport.

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ansgar posted 5 months ago

Did you install the newer provider, like described here?

nickles posted 5 months ago

Yes, I installed the very driver as offered through the link on MS's web site ( => msoledbsql_18.1.0.0_x64.msi).

nickles posted 5 months ago

Stupid me!

I used the 64-bit download in a 32-bit portable directory.

Sorry for the noise!

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