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Multiple Databases filter in the same window to match data

cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira posted 1 year ago in Feature discussion Permalink


Firts of all, great job to the team that have created this enormous APP and greetings from Portugal. :)

I will give some sugestions, if this is the right place to send.

In the same windows, when we filter the DB or Tables it makes perfectly. When we want to view the difference bettwen same\other server and same\other DB, but in the same window.


Note: View picture SeveralSQL.png

Option to filter objects to show, for example, only tables, only triggers, etc.

Autocomplete (tables), obligates DB.Table so the suggestions is not putting the database before the table, because is allready selected on the filter above.

Best regards Carlos Moreira

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 year ago Permalink

Did you know you can group objects by their type (table, trigger, etc.)? Here's how.

Is it correct you want to have separate filters for each connection?

cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira posted 1 year ago Permalink

Yes i know but is not that group habillity thant i refer. Now you refer, if you could filter in that group habillity to show only tables or triggers, etc.

What i refere is having 2 or more database (after and before) and try to match the same tabel in diferent databases.

If you see the example in the picture, you will see that the suggestion is to put 2 filters (above and below). Could it be in the same server or different server SQL.

If you have any doubt please advise.

cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira posted 9 months ago Permalink

Any sugestion or it will be applied?

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