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Popup over VARCHAR

ninora's profile image ninora posted 8 months ago in General

I Love Heidi, fantastic work, thank you!

Pop-ups over long varchars cover a lot of grid space and I have to keep on moving the mouse to see where I am going. Is it possible to disable this feature?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 8 months ago

No, there is no option for that hint popping up. Is that hint so annoying? It disappears when you move the mouse somewhere else most of the time.

ninora's profile image ninora posted 8 months ago

I have a column of long text queries and i need to edit them so finding one becomes a problem when so many are covered. What I do is to move the mouse away from that column to see where I want to go to and then when I bring back the cursor to that column my target is covered again...

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