Crash on start after update on Linux Ubuntu 18.10

mnk posted 5 months ago in General

After update, heidiSQL crashed.

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ansgar posted 5 months ago

Did you override Wine's Direct2D library, as noted on the download page?

If already done, than this is probably a Wine issue. Which Wine version is it?

mnk posted 5 months ago

I add Direct2D library to wine, but it donot help. On wine version 3.0.3 - it work On version 3.0.4 - crach

paulocesarcoms posted 4 months ago

after update broke. The last version that was OK was the

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ansgar posted 4 months ago

Ok, in r5381 I updated the SynEdit component code to their master branch head. Probably there is some known incompatibility. Feel free to file a report on the right tracker.

mnk posted 3 months ago

After upgrading to version, it all worked.

ansgar posted 3 months ago


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