Data Grid Editing Crashes Heidi

scottlapointe posted 5 months ago in General

All versions after Version (64 Bit) -- when editing a cell inline - heidi crashes.

This has been present in the last few nightly builds.

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ansgar posted 5 months ago

That crash happened in a recently added line of code, according to your uploaded crash report. That is code for this ticket: Not sure how you managed to get that crash, but I saw a slight chance it happens when the active table has no primary or unique key.

However, should be fixed in the next build.

scottlapointe posted 5 months ago

I can confirm this is now fixed :) Thank-yoU!.

I'm experiencing another issue where randomly the titlebars and the grid title bards turn white and dialog boxes become invisible. I'll try to send a screenshot the next time it happens.

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