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New Regular Expression filter feedback

Arffeh's profile image Arffeh posted 11 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink


When deleting the contents of the new Regular Expression filter below the results table, it seems like it's actually attempting to apply a regex filter of "" (blank), rather than just discarding->resetting the view, which theoretically should be fairly fast.

This is noticeable when applying a filter on a large result-set. For example, a filter that takes 20 seconds to execute, also takes that long upon deleting it to show the full set again.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 11 months ago Permalink

No, the regular expression is not executed when it's empty. The code for it looks like this:

while Assigned(Node) do begin
    // Don't filter anything if the filter text is empty
    match := rx.Expression = '';
    // Search for given text in node's captions
    if not match then for i := 0 to VT.Header.Columns.Count - 1 do begin
      CellText := VT.Text[Node, i];
      match := rx.Exec(CellText);
      if match then
    VT.IsVisible[Node] := match;
    if match then
    Node := VT.GetNext(Node);

What does take a bit is this one:

VT.IsVisible[Node] := match

Probably I can make it faster by wrapping the loop in a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block, to postpone message processing to later.

Code modification/commit 94ae69e from Ansgar Becker <>, 11 months ago, revision 5398
Wrap filtering grid data in BeginUpdate/EndUpdate, so it might get a bit faster. See
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 11 months ago Permalink

Just done that. Please check the upcoming new build.

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