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table name autocomplete and sear help box

bkkkd's profile image bkkkd posted 10 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink

First of all, I would like to thank the author for providing such a good software for me to use, but I found some problems in the process of use, and I hope to add this function, such as:

  1. Enter "From" or "left join" and the currently selectable table name will be automatically prompted.

Reason: in the comparison of multiple tables, do not remember the name of the table, you need to switch back and forth in the database tree, more time-consuming, if you can prompt the name of the table, relatively easy to operate.

  1. Add a quick search in the help box.

Reason: the current function and keyword are more, can only help by expanding the tree, and then drag the mouse, it is easy to see the omission.

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