An error occurred in the application

aSystemOverload posted 3 months ago in General

The connection to the MySQL server had timed out. I hit RUN on an existing statement in a query window and I get a CONTINUE | RESTART | CLOSE Error Window. See Attached.

This happens frequently and has done for some time.

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

Hm, looks like issue #57. I thought I already fixed that. Will try to reproduce that with a timed out connection.

aSystemOverload posted 3 months ago

Thanks Ansgar, I update fairly frequently so will pick up any changes anyway, but I'll monitor this thread for any updates.

ansgar posted 3 months ago

I can indeed reproduce that crash very simple, just by killing the connection from outside and then re-executing a query on that killed connection. One of the very last issues I want to get nailed for the v10 release.

ansgar posted 3 months ago

I just found and pushed a workaround for preventing these SynEdit exceptions when firing queries on a killed connection. That workaround is to ping the server plus eventually reconnect before Heidi starts an internal thread for the query. This way a reconnect is done in the main thread, not in the query thread. Doing a reconnect within a thread seems to indirectly cause SynEdit exceptions, while I could not even find out if it's the log panel or the query editor (both SynEdit controls) which is actually involved in the exception.

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