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Is 2FA/ two factor authentication on the roadmap/possible?

Aggror's profile image Aggror posted 10 months ago in General Permalink

I have been using heidisql for 3 years now and I still find it the best tool out there.

Unfortunately, due to stricter company policies we are now only allowed to connect to our databases using 2FA.

This means I have to resort to a tool like microsoft sql management studio. I really dislike working with it because it feels sluggish and lacks many basic features that heidisql has.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 10 months ago Permalink

Not yet.

If you really are interested in getting that feature into HeidiSQL, you can file a new issue on the bugtracker (see link above). Plus you will have to put some effort into that, by finding resources on how to accomplish that in the Delphi code of HeidiSQL. Heidi's MSSQL connector is based on the Microsoft OLE DB driver.

Aggror's profile image Aggror posted 10 months ago Permalink

Thank you for your response.

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