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Heidi glitches when switching to a different screen with different res

aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload posted 12 months ago in General Permalink

Most notable in this specific scenario.

I have a laptop (14"), with a connected 32" Screen which have different resolutions. I'll have Heidi on the 32" screen.

The Screen times out and turns off, the laptop screen also turns off at some point. I later wiggle the mouse to wake everything up. The Screen (is a TV so doesn't automatically come back online), so Heidi is forced on to the Laptop Screen. I turn the screen back on, Heidi jumps back to the main screen, but the display is all over the place. Icons have extra padding padding, text throughout the app is either larger or same size with padding.

Second scenario is just dragging it from the main screen to laptop screen, it ends up very tiny like someone has just scaled it with a magnifying glass. Other Apps look the same on both screens, but Heidi doesn't seem to adjust well.

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  • HeidiDisplayGlitch
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 12 months ago Permalink

I recall there is one issue describing the same in the bugtracker. Maybe issue #479.

aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload posted 11 months ago Permalink

Still an issue on, but less so. But saying that, I have switched to to two slightly smaller screens from the single larger one I was using. Maybe the res was a bit screwy within windows.
The only issue is now the icons, I've attached a BEFORE (just after opening, without moving) and AFTER (after I've moved Heidi between laptop screen and monitor [and back to the laptop screen])

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  • Heidi_Icons_BEFORE
  • Heidi_Icons_AFTER

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