Please make a linux version

comod posted 3 months ago in General

I miss heidisql under linux!

marcusorjames posted 3 months ago

You can use "wine" and it works very well :)

You'll have to google it as apparently I haven't got enough posts to include http links!

comod posted 3 months ago

I dont like wine at all! Maybe im too stupid. After the installation it seems to work, but after restart all my linked programs doesnt work anymore. And this virtualized enviroment feels a little bit crappy for me.

DataHelper posted 2 months ago

Can you tell us what version of HeidiSQL and of Wine works for you? I'm not having much luck.

DataHelper posted 2 months ago

Never mind! I have installed the demo version of Crossover, the commercial Wine, installed the current HeidiSQL, and it looks like all is good.

zootal posted 2 months ago

+1 Native Linux version. Mdac errors with mssql server are making me nutso.

aSystemOverload posted 2 months ago

I was just creating the very same post, but I'll paste my message here instead:

Would you ever consider creating a cross-platform version. Would love to use it in Linux without Win Libraries through Wine. I use Arch Linux and I can install a AUR version which relies on WINE. Would be even better if it could be compiled as a Linux friendly app, I don't know what that would entail or what language you use to create Heidi, but I know if it was stable on Linux, I'd definitely donate. :)

I will however try to install (aurman -S heidisql) and have a play around with it when I get home, maybe it works fine. I just like things simple.

zootal posted 2 months ago

To be fair, the mdac errors are a bug in wine, not a problem in Heidisql (AFAICT). Heidisql really does otherwise work great with wine.

Still, a native Linux version would really be great. Since Heidi is written in Delphi, this would probably mean rewriting it from scratch in some other language and would be a monumental effort. Or did they finally release a Linux version of Delphi? In that case, all you have to do is remove all of the windows specific stuff, replace it with something that works in Linux, recomple. Easy right? Have it done before dinner? :D :D

aSystemOverload posted 2 months ago

Haha, maybe before bedtime lol. I'll report back if I can get it working on on Arch.

ansgar posted 2 months ago

No, Delphi is available for Windows only, while it can compile for MacOS too, and for Android and iOS. However, for all OS's other than Windows, you need to rewrite the whole code of Heidi, as this requires FireMonkey forms. HeidiSQL is written with VCL Windows Forms, which was the only available option at the time when I invented HeidiSQL.

The best option would be to use Lazarus in combination with the FreePascal compiler. It claims to support Pascal code, and it can compile for Windows, Linux and MacOS. But be sure I already tried to migrate HeidiSQL sources to Lazarus - I failed greatly. I could not even manage to compile the first component package for VirtualTrees, same for SynEdit - both are required for HeidiSQL. The main sources also have a myriad of Windows specific message processing and such stuff. For me personally this was very frustrating, so I stayed on Delphi, which is at least available as a free community edition for low income OpenSource projects.

zootal posted 2 months ago

I heard a few years ago there was a "beta" version of Delphi for Linux, but I never heard anymore. I figure it failed or was cancelled or was otherwise vaporware of some sort.

The best way IMNSHO would be to port it (or just rewrite from scratch) in c or c plus plus but like I said above, I'm betting that is a huge monumental effort. Weird that it compiles for Mac and Android but not Linux. I wonder why they didn't take just one more step and give us full blown Linux compatibility? Heck, I'd consider learning Delphi if they did that.

ansgar posted 2 months ago

Edit: Delphi from 10.2 upwards can compile for Linux, but only with FireMonkey forms (=> rewrite) and only in the Enterprise version, which has cute prices around 4500 €.

Yes, a Delphi for Linux existed, and was named "Kylix". I think that was back in 2005, and was burried by Borland in 2010, as they had Linux on their roadmap. That Kylix ran on Wine, only the compiler was native, and the IDE crashed a lot according to Wikipedia.

aSystemOverload posted 2 months ago

Just installed HeidiSQL under Arch Linux, seems to work just fine. :) Will test over next few weeks, before I declare a complete success hehe.

I don't typically use Wine normally, so had to install wine, wine_nano and wine_gecko. But I tried to run heidi before I installed the other two and it said exactly what was required. So no problem.

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