Download doesn't work even with adblocker disabled

endo64 posted 3 months ago in General

Download page pops up Please disable your adblocker and reload the page to enable HeidiSQL downloads. even I've completely disabled the AD Blocker. Please see the attached screenshot.

Not a big deal, I can copy/paste the link, just wanted to report. Thanks for the great update of v10!!

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

Thank you for the info. I suppose that happens when the ads were not loaded due to some other reason. Probably you got some JavaScript error in your browser console (F12)?

DRSDavidSoft posted 3 months ago

I was surprised when disabling uBlock origin gave me the same problem.

Turns out, I had blocked within my router's /etc/hosts file. It'll be a pain to temporarily remove the rule.

Welp, I had to fire up a VM to reload the Downloads page with the ads enabled, to avoid anybody waking up in the dark side the next day. :P

endo64 posted 3 months ago

I see two errors on console. See the attached picture.

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

Your console tells it: these Google ads are blocked by your browser. Not sure about the reason, maybe there is some other extension, or Firefox is blocking these due to its new tracking-blocking feature.

endo64 posted 3 months ago

I tried with Slimjet and Opera on Windows 10, both same. I'm sure that my AD blocker is disabled and I disabled all the other extensions. Anyway, I'll test more and let you know if find something.

superx335 posted 3 months ago

Same problem here, it doesn't matter all my addons are disabled :(

endo64 posted 3 months ago

@superx335 Thanks for confirming.

osapon posted 3 months ago

I am in the same situation. Firefox, Chrome, Free Download Manager, none of them can get the file size, downloading about 14 MB will not proceed and the download will not be finished.

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