Please return the icons back!

iis80 posted 3 months ago in General

Please return the icons back as it was before version 10.1! New very uncomfortable. Or add a switch to the old. Thank!

ansgar posted 3 months ago

10.1 does not have different icons, maybe you mean the latest nightly build? That's issue #448, which has unfinished work.

snake_eyes posted 3 months ago

If you are using the latest version and path, go to Tools > Preferences > in General Tab you will found Icon Pack, select Silk instead of Icons8 and you will see the old icons before the version 10

Best Regards

iis80 posted 3 months ago

Sorry! Already found. Forgot to write here. Thanks!

kondybas posted 3 months ago

Guys, those Icons8 are just the honey for my eyes! I like their contrast and colours very much! This improvement is much more useful for me than skins/themes, thanks a lot!

naknak987 posted 3 months ago

I like the new icons. I think it improved the look and feel.

dicks posted 3 months ago

New icons are great, much better to view and gives the app a "modern" touch :-)

andres posted 2 months ago

Please don't erase the old icon theme. The new one makes me impossible to work with.

The new icons don't have edges. It's not an artistic issue, althought te contrast is very high in some cases in other there is not enough contrast.

I can't work with it. Sorry. ¡Me sangran los ojos!

I would also like to congratulate you on the marvelous software that you are developing

ansgar posted 2 months ago

You can switch to the old icons in Tools > Preferences > General: "Icon pack". Select "Silk" and you're old oldschool again :)

ansgar posted 2 months ago

The new Icons8 pack is also suitable for high DPI settings, e.g. on 4K monitors. The old Silk icons have 16x16 pixels, and are just upscaled in that case, which might look ok but looks blurry. The new icons have a minimum of 80x80 pixels, and are downscaled by HeidiSQL, making them look sharp up to a DPI setting of 500%.

Attaching a screenshot of HeidiSQL running on a Win7 virtual machine with 150% DPI.

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adyoi posted 2 months ago

I like new icon (Icon8) than old icon (Silk) even if look like bigger

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