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stocks81's profile image stocks81 posted 9 months ago in General Permalink

I have been using HeidiSQL for some time now for all my MySQL databases. I have started to use MemSQL for some big data projects, and would like to keep using HeidiSQL to connect. It seems that some of the SQL commands HeidiSQL does when trying to gather information after connecting MemSQL does not have. As long as I know the commands I want to run HeidiSQL works great, but you can't go and look at what tables are there, you can't look at the data with out running a query to pull what you need. I have a crash report that I can send if it would help, the exception message is "Column "Row_format" not available." This comes up when HeidiSQL looks to be running


If there is an option I can just turn off, or something that can be done to make it work with MemSQL that would be great.

Thank you Josh

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 months ago Permalink

You should just post that crash report in a new issue on the bugtracker, so I can fix that.

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