Where to place php files

pura-vida posted 3 months ago in HeidiSQL portable

I used to work with XAMPP which has a folder htdocs where I place a folder with my php files and then with Firefox-portable I open localhost\foldername\index.php I want to give out to others to see on their PCs my application, but having them install XAMPP and set the database with phpMyAdmin is too complicated So I'm using heidiSql portable, and installed the mariadb-10.3.12-win32.zip But where do I place my php files so that I can open them from FireFox-portable? Thanks

pura-vida posted 3 months ago

If there would be a way to erase this post... I would. But maybe it will help somebody out there confused as I was. The solution is that you still need a web-server-software (like laragon)

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