Suggestion#1 - Multiple collumn filter

cmmoreira posted 3 months ago in HeidiSQL portable

Possibility to create filter by adding multiple columns with value:


Tabel: ColA ||ColB || ColC || ColD ||


  • Right click in ColA» Quick Filter » IN 19 » ADD COLA in ('19')
  • Right click in ColB» Quick Filter » = ZZZ » ADD COLB = ('ZZZ')
  • Right click in ColC» Quick Filter » LIKE %ZZZ% » ADD COLC LIKE '%ZZZ%'

Below recent filters will appears like this:

COLA in ('19') and COLB = ('ZZZ') and COLC LIKE '%ZZZ%'

Now i have to copy and past each filter to make 1 complete filter

HeidiSQL have a solution that passed by my eyes or is a good sugestion?

ansgar posted 3 months ago

If you want multiple columns per filter, then you would get just all columns, not just 3 or whatever. That's because there is no way to focus multiple cells in these grids.

RevitArkitek posted 3 months ago

I think this is a good suggestion. I would like to be able to combine multiple filters by using the popup menu instead of typing into the filter field. Currently, if you select a quick filter in pop up menu, it replaces what's already filtered. Thanks.

ansgar posted 3 months ago

If you press Shift combined with left mouse click on the quick filter item, HeidiSQL does not replace the current filter but appends the new one to the old, along with an "AND". This is a bit of a hidden feature, and I hope it spreads a bit when posting this here.

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cmmoreira posted 3 months ago

Bug found!

If i made just like you said, shift+click, will add the filter (print With shift+click).

But, adding a filter such as "Like" or "=" (print Adding), when it show the messagebox to fill the parameter, will only add that filer and don't combine with the last sintax (print last).

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RevitArkitek posted 3 months ago

@ansgar Thanks for letting us know! Works for me.

ansgar posted 3 months ago

@cmmoreira can confirm that, and also Shift does not work in the "More values" submenu. Could you please file a bug report on Github?

cmmoreira posted 3 months ago

Yes, also with shift key pressed does not work with several (see print). Ok.

I will fill in bug section.

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