Suggestion#3 - Event log

cmmoreira posted 3 months ago in General

Each query, filter or activity in database, heidi save below the app an "Event log".

It is possible to format the text so that the whole is visible instead of having a very large instruction line?

ansgar posted 3 months ago

You want wordwrapping in the log panel?

If yes - that wrapping is forcefully disabled currently in that log panel, so the user can clearly see exactly one line per command.

But you can activate the horizontal scrollbar in that panel by rmb.

cmmoreira posted 3 months ago

Yes i want word wrapping and i know the existence of horizontal scrollbar, but in largest querys its not user friendly.

If possible, remove " from the log panel when executed querys.

Sample now: UPDATE "BD"."dbo"."AccountCashSchemeDetails" SET "TransDocNumber"='33333' WHERE "TransSerial"='102'

"Correct" UPDATE BD.dbo.AccountCashSchemeDetails SET TransDocNumber='33333' WHERE TransSerial='102'

cmmoreira posted 3 months ago

The last information is follow up from Suggestion#2 - Filter

cmmoreira posted 2 months ago

Any news about this?

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