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mcemberci posted 3 months ago in General

User management window greyed out for editing existing users, but allow new user creation,

Mysql 8.0.15

Heidisql Version (64 Bit)

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kevin8622 posted 3 weeks ago

Hi, Same here... Fresh MySQL Server install. Do I missed something ?

tobias.schenke posted 3 weeks ago

I can confirm this behaviour. This does not affect my MySQL 5.7.x installation. Just in MySQL 8.0.15 it seems "broken".

ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

I guess MySQL again changed something in the mysql.user table, so HeidiSQL has gotten incompatible. Maybe the password field, or the authentication_string is away, or renamed?

kevin8622 posted 3 weeks ago

I don't think so, user creation is working but no edition.

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