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SDK93 posted 3 months ago in General

Please help me...I've updated my HeidiSQL to and now I can't see the whole proposal pop-up...

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

That popup can be resized. The next time it opens it should have the same dimensions then.

SDK93 posted 3 months ago

How it can be resized? Since the update it's always like that. The restart or close/reopen the app is not changing anything.

ansgar posted 2 months ago

Using the mouse - at the bottom right, like you resize a window.

SDK93 posted 2 months ago arrow to indicate a possbile resizing of the pop-up case.

ansgar posted 2 months ago

Just made a screenshot with the nice Greenshot tool, which can include the mousecursor. See attached.

Your screen tells me you have some theme activated. Could you please test with the default "Windows" theme?

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SDK93 posted 2 months ago

Never though that could be the problem...I switched to "Windows" theme where I had the arrows to resize, I resized them, changed back to "Material" theme and the case it's ok now. Anyway, if it happens again, I know how to fix. But I think all themes should have that "resize" option for proposal case...just sayin'

THANKS MATE! Have a good day!

ansgar posted 2 months ago

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed the themes seem to have a myriad of issues. Just have a look at the bugtracker...

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