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Dark Theme issues with existing connection

gimmebytes's profile image gimmebytes posted 9 months ago in General Permalink

Hi HeidiSQL,

I'm very happy with the new dark theme for HeidiSQL and it's a joy to use. But I've one problem with a existing connection.

Every time I open up the connection from the connection manager, the background of the sidebar on the left side is white, instead of black - and therefor I cannot read any text. This only happens using one specific connection, all other existing connections are not affected and do work properly as expected.

I could remove the connection and add it again, but I would wonder why that would affect the theme?

Does anyelse also have this issue?

Best, Marvin K.

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  • HeidiSQL_dark_theme_issue
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 months ago Permalink

You have probably set the session's background color to that color. Go to File > Select session background color, and chose a different color.

gimmebytes's profile image gimmebytes posted 9 months ago Permalink

Hi Angsar,

oh, my bad! That did the trick! Thanks very much!

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