Can't copy paste to multiple cells

RevitArkitek posted 2 months ago in General

I thought I was able to do this before, but if I copy a value from a cell and then highlight multiple rows and try to paste, only the last selected cell gets the value. Am I missing something obvious here? Should the highlighting only apply to cells instead of the entire row? Thanks.

Version (64 Bit) Win 10 1709

ansgar posted 2 months ago

You can use the right click menu in a grid, then click "Export grid rows" to set your preferred settings for copying rows. Let's say you use "SQL Inserts". Then, after clicking "Copy selected rows", you can paste the INSERTs into a query tab and execute them.

The grid itself does not support pasting multiple rows.

RevitArkitek posted 2 months ago

Hi ansgar, Perhaps I wasn't clear. I'm not trying to copy rows, I'm trying to copy a cell value into multiple cells. In the attached image, I would like to copy the value "2019" into these cells that are currently "(NULL)" without copy/pasting into each and every cell. Thanks.

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ansgar posted 2 months ago

That would require the grid to support vertical selection, and probably more, which is currently not supported by HeidiSQL.

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