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Farbenzwerg posted 1 week ago in Feature discussion


in HeidiQSL all tables of a database are loaded, even if a filter is active. Problems occur than when there are large amounts of tables and you want to refresh the database. The time it takes to refresh is around 2 minutes. Would it be possible to implement that HeidiSQL selects only the tables that are in the filter i choose?

Greetings Farbenzwerg

ansgar posted 1 week ago

HeidiSQL basically fires a SHOW TABLE STATUS to get the list of tables, plus one for functions, procedures, triggers and events. And this takes 2 minutes on your server? How many objects do you have in that database? Sounds more like a very slow server to me.

Farbenzwerg posted 1 week ago

In the database are around 20000 tables. Refreshing this takes around 1 to 2 minutes (2 min often if the tables are loaded the first time). I only think i could be helpful to just load/select the tables which i choose with the filter.

ansgar posted 1 week ago

The filter is just a display feature.

But you could disable "Full table status" in the session manager, on the Advanced tab. That could speed up the queries.

To be honest, I would definitely spread these 20000 tables, or restructure the whole server to keep the data in less tables.

Farbenzwerg posted 7 days ago

I disabled "Full table status" and it now loads faster. Thanks for the Support.

Greetings Farbenzwerg

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