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PostgreSQL - scram-sha-256

rufus's profile image rufus posted 6 months ago in Feature discussion


Any chance to have a more recent libpq which supports scram-sha-256? Current one gives "authentication method 10 not supported".

If I copy over libpq.dll, libintl-8.dll and libiconv-2.dll from a postgresql 10 windows binaries, it works ok. Note that copying these from a postgresql 11 windows binaries does not work.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 months ago

Yes, of course. I just realized the last update on libpq.dll is 3 years ago, in the context of another forum thread.

So you say the v10.7 binaries work for you?

rufus's profile image rufus posted 6 months ago

Yes, 10.x binaries work ok I first tried with 11.x binaries but it gives the same error in that other thread (I assume because libintl-8.dll is changed with libintl-9.dll and probably there are some other changes)

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