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Syntax error in HeidiSQL generated SQL querry

naoma123's profile image naoma123 posted 5 months ago in General


I am using HeidiSQL for PostgreSQL 11 on Windows 10.

Whenever I try and alter pretty much anything about a table through the Table tab of Heidi, I get a syntax error (see image). Here is one example:

I am trying to alter the column name from "Capacity derating (%)" to "Capacity derating 0.5 - 1C (%)". The automatic Heidi ALTER CODE made by my editing the column name is:


ALTER COLUMN "Capacity derating 0.5-1C (%)" REAL NULL DEFAULT NULL;

COMMENT ON COLUMN "Half-cell extracted data"."Capacity derating 0.5-1C (;


I think that the SQL code for this querry should be:


RENAME COLUMN "Capacity derating (%)" TO "Capacity derating 0.5 - 1C (%)";

This second code works when I run it as a SQL query in the query tab.

Is it that I have odd symbols in my column names?

Thanks very much for any help.

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