Crash on export all

jstein posted 1 month ago in General

With the latest nightly build I'm getting a crash in "export grid rows" from a query result list. The first export after a heidi start works, every export afterwards fails with the crash.

I attached a screen shot of my settings and the bug report.

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Arffeh posted 1 month ago

Can confirm the same.

One export attempt of (100 rows/5KB) even made Heidi rapidly allocate 6GB of RAM and OOM kill itself.

Arffeh posted 1 month ago

I've narrowed it down a little.

The first export on opening Heidi always works.

Every export thereafter fails.

Arffeh posted 1 month ago

5545 Does it.

5541 Also does it.

5535 Does it too.

5525 Does NOT.

ansgar posted 1 month ago

Thanks for narrowing it down to a revision. This is issue #620.

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