ANDYPLIRA posted 10 years ago in General
Am probably dumb, but when i create a new database I see two on the left panel, and as I continue to create tables etc these are also duplicated, is this right.
ansgar posted 10 years ago
Probably you specified the same database twice in the connection screen in the field "Database(s)" ? If so, HeidiSQL will show you the same DB twice.

I never thought about such a situation and now I think duplicates should be automatically removed. Correct?
ANDYPLIRA posted 10 years ago
This gets stranger, I definitly only define 1 database yet it shows 2, if i drop 1 then both vanish ?
Stranger is that if i connect without specifying a database then three are loaded, INFORMATION_SCHEMA, MYSQL and TEST, TEST has no tables but the other 2 have many. Interestingly the DROP DATABASE Button is greyed out
siMKin posted 10 years ago
For me, the drop-database button at the top of the screen (below the File Edit Tools etc bar) is always greyed out. No matter what database i'm in. So, this seems to be a bug.
Right-clicking on any database (even empty ones) will always give me the option to drop it however.

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