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Error 10061 - Can't connect to the server (localhost)

vlaaddark's profile image vlaaddark posted 3 months ago in General

Hello, I have a big problem, I can't access to my database anymore with MySQL and can't find any tutorial accessible on internet about my problem, (the tutos available on youtube only says that the Mysql service has to be started). But the service windows MySQL is actually running ! What happened is that I had to force restart the machin because it was not responding anymore and someone told me the database is corrupted, so how can I still get into it and bring back some tables ?

Thank you

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

And the MariaDB/MySQL service is really running? Please check in "Services" control panel.

Also I would check which port is used in your session, and whether the server runs on the same one. Normally it is 3306, but it may be different on your machine if you have manually changed it.

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