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Multi selection on connections list & Simultaneous connections opening

ic0de's profile image ic0de posted 5 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink


First of all, I would like to congrats the team on the great product you have created and improved over the years! Tried all of the db clients out there, but there's nothing like Heidi out there :)

Now, as for my feature request, there is scenario that I run into more often and often and which is that I am having a lot of sessions, categorized in folders and containing numerous db clusters.

When I have to open, let's say 5 database sessions, I have to open HeidiSQL, connect, wait and repeat the same process 5 times.

Would it be possible to multi select ( using ctrl/cmd/shift + click ) then open all the connections at once?

I also guess the multi select thing would be useful for easily managing multiple connections ( delete, move ).

Let me know what you think or if there is anything I'm missing that could help me with this scenario.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

There's an auto-reconnect feature, which let's HeidiSQL connect to all previous sessions on startup. You can activate it in Tools > Preferences > General.

Apart from that, I would at first examine why it takes 5 seconds to establish a connection - this must be optimizable.

Opening multiple connections in one go involves a threaded approach in the connection logic, and also involves things for the user which you have to consider. For example you could get some error message from all 5 connections, which means 5 dialogs - the user would want to know to which server belongs to each of them. Also, the benefit is quite low, as the need to restart HeidiSQL is not that often.

ic0de's profile image ic0de posted 5 months ago Permalink

Hey again and thanks for the quick response!

Yeah, if threading is necessary for this, it doesn't worth the while. I am almost never shutting down my PC besides power outages so I can totally live with it. Will also give the auto-reconnect feature a try.

As for improving the initial connection time, yeah, that would definitely help out.


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