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Heidi Chrash while hitting the Data tab in MSSQL

robbya's profile image robbya posted 3 months ago in General

Hi i have a (small) problem with Heidi.

I use on daily basis HeidiSql on MSSQL to browse trough the data in tables. Since the update fix to connect to SSL activated servers it is not possible anymore to browse through tables. every time i get the following error. In Heidi it is working perfect, but the problem is then that i cant't connect to SSL activated MSSql servers.

Please help I must now use DBeaver, and i don't like that to to much

See the attachment bugreport2 for the error

1 attachment(s):
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

I suppose this is a similar crash as reported in issue #423. Please read the comments there and post what you experienced.

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