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Bug - Application loses focus and goes to background on "Default" cell double-click

al2k4's profile image al2k4 posted 3 months ago in General

Since version 10.2, double-clicking on any cell in the "Default" column in the table view causes HeidiSQL to lose focus and jump behind other applications.

I have tried the latest build (5608) and the bug is still present.

OS: Windows 10 1903 64-bit

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  • heidisql_2019-06-27_11-24-58
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

That's not the case here. Could you please tell if you modified some special setting, e.g. the theme. And whether you have some other application running which is for example listening for global shortcuts in your Windows system.

al2k4's profile image al2k4 posted 3 months ago

The only setting I have changed was the default icon pack to Silk. There are no other applications that adds global shortcuts running in the background.

After playing around a bit more, I believe it's to do with the speed of the double-click.

Slow double-clicks where the window appears before the second click does not replicate the issue, but if you do it quick enough, the application loses focus.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

Yes, indeed, now with a speedy doubleclick I am also losing focus to the previously active window. Really odd. I am normally clicking once in that field.

There is a short delay when clicking into the field up to the time when the popup shows. I suppose the doubleclick happens before that popup is there and raises this issue. Really a small glitch, but feel free to post an issue report in the bugtracker.

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