Unable to create a connection using a Mysql 4 database

djib's profile image djib posted 5 years ago in Creating a connection Permalink

Since I updated to HeidiSQL, I'm unable to connect to one of my databases, which is in mysql 4. Either I get the error message saying "unknown mysql error", or when I do get to connect to my database, as soon as I click on one of the tables i get this other error message saying "Column Name not available".

I do not have any column named "Name" in my database so I don't know what to do with that. Please note that I'm still able to open that same databse using heidiSQL

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Please post this as a new issue in the bugtracker. I am nearly sure I can fix that, but I will also need the text file you can generate by click on "save bug report".

djib's profile image djib posted 5 years ago Permalink

New issue created in the bugtracker, bug report file attached. Thanks for your help.

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