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Toolbar height gets increased when display scaling is changed

kitoram's profile image kitoram posted 3 months ago in General

I used HeidiSQL in the RDP window. When I disconnect RDP and reconnect again, the toolbar of HeidiSQL window gets increased height. (as like attached image)

This occuers only when I connect RDP with HiDPI resolution enough to work display autoscaling.(> 100%)

  • 2560x1600 not occured
  • 3840x2160 occured
1 attachment(s):
  • ToolbarHeight
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

Yes, that's a known issue with high DPI settings. See issue #446 and issue #378.

kitoram's profile image kitoram posted 3 months ago

I understand, thanks! I will check and follow the issues.

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