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Case sensitive database names in MySQL

vrs-webmaster's profile image vrs-webmaster posted 3 months ago in General

On our MySQL server, the first part of the database name is the same. The last character can be a digit, a capital letter, a small letter or a special character. However, if there are two databases called xxxxxxx_E and xxxxxxx_e, only the one with the capital E is displayed in the database list. Why? And how can I do that both databases should appear in the list.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago

I suppose then it's a bug in HeidiSQL - the databases are maybe internally case insensitive, and one overwrites the other one. If you are sure there are two databases, you should file a bug report in the tracker.

vrs-webmaster's profile image vrs-webmaster posted 3 months ago

I'll do that. And yess I am shure - I've created them my self and I can see them in phpMyAdmin.

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