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SQL cross multiple data bases

jesus's profile image jesus posted 6 months ago in General Permalink


I wolud like to know if HeideSQL allows to use SQL sentences using different data bases in the same SQL.

for example: Using a SQL Server conection, execute de following sentence: SELECT * INTO SQL_SERVER_SCHEMA.TABLE FROM POSTGRE_SQL_CONNECTION.SCHEMA.TABLE

Thank you very much.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 months ago Permalink

No, that's not possible. HeidiSQL would have to implement its own SQL parser, so it can offer the SQL syntax and do what the user expects from such cross server queries.

The only place where you can let HeidiSQL communicate with two servers at once is the SQL export. There you can export from let's say MySQL and select your MSSQL as the target server. But also there are various incompatibilities in the SQL syntax, so this is limited to export data only without structure.

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