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Search snippets in subfolders

forest's profile image forest posted 5 months ago in General Permalink

Hi all

I have bunch of snippets sql that I need to use every now and then. There are stored in the installation's Snippets/ folder. I have noticed, however, that once I create subfolders therer, these are not visible in the Snippets folder in HeidiSQL (right pane, between SQL key words and history).

Does anybody now, if there is a way to make it visible? It does not need to be the Snippets folder, any location would do fine, if it can be imported and visible from HeidiSQL directly.

Thanks a lot.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

The snippets panel does not support subfolders. You have to put the files into the defined directory.

You can, however, change the default location of the snippets, in Tools > Preferences > General > Snippets directory


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