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HeidiSQL permanently Ping the server

cibmagic's profile image cibmagic posted 3 weeks ago in General

Hi Community,

don't know why this happens - i fear i accidently set this Option and can't find the way to set it off. Actually HeidiSql-Client pings the Server every second !!!!

How to set it off ?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Session manager: "Advanced" tab

cibmagic's profile image cibmagic posted 2 weeks ago

Ahhh, ok - thanks !

I solved my Problem - pinging the Server seems normal for Heidi, as i now realized after ansgars post. My prob was, that my log was full of this ping-msgs. So i deactivated the Option "Debug Messages" on the preferences->logging-tab.

Everything's fine ... !!!

Best regards Stephan

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