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Is there a way to password protect portable_settings.txt

webdbase's profile image webdbase posted 5 months ago in General Permalink

Since all passwords are stored in portable_settings.txt, it would be nice, if there is a way to password protect it. HeidiSQL could ask for a password when it starts and open the file with it, and use it any time it needs to access the file (read/write).

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

Passwords are also stored in the registry, if you're running HeidiSQL in default non-portable mode. These can be read by the (Windows) system user which is logged in.

One approach to secure that portable file is to set the file privileges so that the owner is the only one who can read it. I suppose that would make it less portable, as the user may be a different one on another system.

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