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10.2 stopped showing history or typed text

andrewterry's profile image andrewterry posted 5 months ago in General Permalink


Been using HeidiSQL for a while (thank you!).

This morning, found i couldn't see anything in the tabs - either previous auto-save SQL or any fresh text i tried typing.

Also couldn't see the panel with query history etc.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling latest version.

Any thoughts on something which might be conflicting with it?



ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

Maybe you run HeidiSQL with a different user than previously?

andrewterry's profile image andrewterry posted 5 months ago Permalink

Hi, figured it out. Somehow the central SQL panel had disappeared - the right hand columns/functions panel had taken the full width of the area. Just by luck i managed to drag in the just the right spot to get it back to visible.

Possibly initially caused by text appearing very large - maybe some confusion between screen resolutions (4k laptop can muddle things some times).

Is there a "reset default screen layout" option somewhere incase this happens again?



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