SSH tunnel question

alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq posted 1 month ago in Creating a connection Permalink

Connection scheme:


with plink i do:

PLINK.EXE -i mykey.ppk -C myuser@IP_A -L

How do the same only with HeidiSQL session manager?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 month ago Permalink
  • In the "Settings" tab:
    • Host: IP_B
  • In the "SSH tunnel" tab:
    • plink.exe path
    • SSH host: IP_A
    • SSH port (22 by default)
    • private key: mykey.ppk
    • local port: 9306

Should work, otherwise report back.

alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq posted 4 weeks ago Permalink

Ok it works - thanks

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